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I’m not sure if we had a thread on pizza before, but I thought of this because I think I recently ate my favorite pizza. That pizza was the spicy meatball at Prima in Kailua. I almost want to use the word “sublime,” but that’s a little too dramatic–but it was good. I should say that the spicy meatballs are not really what makes me like the pizza; indeed, it might be one of the least favorite parts of the pizza. What I like is the crust–perfect chew and great flavor; the fresh herbs and cheese. I will say that I’m not sure if Prima is consistent, though. I’ve had their pizza, and it wasn’t as good. This recent trip, though–terrif!

I should say that the Brick Fire Tavern and Z Lounge seem to have similar types of pizza, but I like Prima’s quite a bit more than the other two (although I’ve only been to the other places one time each).

Besides, Prima, I would say Boston’s is my next favorite pizza.

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  1. I think Z Lounge is just The Lounge now, for the past few years. Has anyone noticed any differences in the pizzas at the Aiea and Kaimuki Boston’s, now that they’ve changed names? I’m curious.

  2. I haven’t been to the Kaimuki place for a long time, but I believe they’re not part of the original Boston chain.

  3. I think off the top of my head my favorites would be JJ Dolans and Proof House (Is this place still doing business?). I think their crust is better than the other I have tried. I think it’s in the vain of Boston’s but better. But really I do not think there are huge differences in taste in most pizzas. Not enough to pay a huge difference in price anyway. For example, in the last couple months I got a Domino’s Pizza. I didn’t care for their pizza in the past, but this past time it was really good. I did get it fresh out of the oven and ate it there, but regardless there definitely is a change in recipe. I would rather get a deal on a Domino’s Pizza then pay for a JJ Dolan pizza. I would say Costco and Sam’s pizza are a little too low on the totem pole for me to choose despite the lower price, but just about everything seems good enough. As I’ve stated prior, we are frequenters of Pieology. Not the best because sometimes the crust doesn’t hold up to the amount of toppings you can add, but it is a pretty darn good pie for the price. Crust there is generic, but toppings are decent if not good. I used to like Big Kahunas a lot, but haven’t been there in over ten years.

    I haven’t eaten any of the Reid’s favorites as far as I can remember.

  4. Domino’s has improved by a lot. We have a Pizza Hut takeout in the old Campus Center (where the game room used to be downstairs) and a Domino’s in this food court near Hamilton. I work near the law school and still prefer to go all the way to the Domino’s if I’m going to have pizza.

  5. But really I do not think there are huge differences in taste in most pizzas.

    I used to feel that way, too, but not anymore. And given that you feel this way, I wouldn’t recommend any of the pizzas I mentioned. They’re not going to be worth the price.

    Having said what I said, I actually like costco pizza–but that’s mainly because of the value. It’s a great deal, and when you factor in value, I’d choose it over Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, Papa John’s, Chuck E. Cheese. (I haven’t eaten at Dominos in ages, so I can’t comment.) But the difference in taste between costco pizza and Prima’s and Boston’s is huge in my opinion.

    As for pieology, I think it’s fine, but not great. The problem might be that I haven’t found the right combination. I prefer CPK.

  6. I’ve been to Proof. It’s pretty much just like Dolan’s. I haven’t had the Dolan’s pizza in the piece. I don’t really care for white-sauce or no-sauce pizzas, though.

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