Russell Wilson Thread (2017-)

If you guys have time or interest, I’d be interested in hearing your comments about the pass protection in all the sacks Wilson took in 2017:

To what extent do you think this is Wilson’s fault?

Some things that I think are important:

1. Look at the number of pass rushers. It seems to me that the vast majority have four rushers, some three or five. Almost none are all-out blitzes. Do you guys have the same impression?

2. Show me a defense that can consistently generate good pressure/hits/sacks with four pass rushers, and I’ll show you a dominant defense. The Seahawks turned every opponent into a dominant defense!

3. Obviously this doesn’t include instances when Wilson avoided a sack despite bad protection. I wouldn’t be surprised if these plays equal the number of sacks, if not exceed it.

4. The number of plays where the OL provides really good to really good pass protection is important. Let’s say out of 30 pass plays per game, on average, 20 are good to very good, five are so-so, and the other five are awful. That might not be so bad. If you give a QB consistently good pass protection, I think he can deal with the few instances of bad pass protection. Having said that, my guess is if we were to show the instances of good to really good pass protection that number would be really small in comparison to instances of bad, really bad pass pro.

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  1. This is collection of all the drops by Jimmy Graham in 2017. I’m putting that here because there’s an incredible scramble and throw (at the :50 mark) by Wilson.* The catch wasn’t easy, but I think Graham should have held on. It ruined a great play by Wilson.

    (*Note to Mitchell. My original sentences: “This is collection of all the drops by Jimmy Graham in 2017. Why am I putting that here? I’m putting that here because…” I kind of like this version better.

    Revision to avoid using a question: “The following is a cut-up of all Jimmy Graham’s dropped passes in 2017, which I wouldn’t normally include in this thread, but am because of one incredible play by Wilson at the :50 mark.”)

  2. …although I would also suggest you not use “the following…” or “the above…” They’re almost always unnecessary.

  3. I’m not sure it’s less work. The first and third sentence took me the longest to compose. I don’t really care for the flow of the those sentences.

    And, yes, Yankees acquired the rights to Wilson.

  4. Holy moly. Russwell Wilson is the best QB throwing while running to his left. It’s amazing, defies physics, better than Jim Harbaugh’s rolling to the right and throwing off his back foot.

  5. I forgot the Seahawks were down 10-23 in the 4th, with about 9 minutes left.

    This was a great performance, but the one against Chicago, in Chicago, is the one that really got my attention. I remember having the improbable sensation–“This guy is reminding me of Montana!”

  6. 2018-2019: Week 10 vs. the Rams

    After the Charger loss the week before, I dialed me expectations way down for this game. I even saw, accidently, a tweet that strongly suggested the Seahawks lost the game.

    What was the most disconcerting was the way Wilson played on the last drive, which could have won the game. The 4th down play was especially dispiriting, as my initial reaction was to put the blame on Wilson. It might have been a difficult throw, but he’s got to make that–is what I thought. It’s a sucky feeling when you have to admit your favorite player didn’t play well, especially in a clutch moment.

    Here’s a take that casts that play in a different light:

    I admit, I’m happy to find an explanation that lets Wilson off the hook, at least a little. Ultimately, I think he still has to make this play, and he might deserve blame on the previous plays.

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