2 thoughts on “Music 2023

  1. Hey guys,

    I’m interested in listening to any music, from the past ten years or so, that you consider new, original, and innovative. Actually, I’d also be interested in listening to music that you think is really terrific–something that may be in the same ballpark as great music from the past.

    Mitchell, I’d be interested in getting one or two metal album recommendations.

  2. For a long time I would occasionally call my son’s attention to a song. “Hey, check this out,” I’d say. (My daughter is not into music as much.) My son has now reached the point where he’s doing the same to me. Some of the songs are contemporary, but others are not. None of them have really grabbed me, until yesterday. Here’s what he played:

    This song totally had me from the very beginning. The guitar and guitar riff kind of reminded me of Kim Thayil’s riff on “My Wave.” I was totally shocked to learn the group, John Spencer’s Blues Explosion, and the song came out in the 90s. I never heard of the song or any music from this group (not that I can remember). I definitely want to check out their stuff.

    (By the way, apple music recommendations of similar artists listed The Dirtbombs, which is why I listened to one of their albums yesterday.)

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