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Mitchell, I saw this youtube video on plate lunches, and they mentioned Island Style BBQ Corp (corporation?) on North King. Have you been there? I never heard of this place, and it didn’t look that great. What about Bob’s BBQ in Dillingham? I feel like you said positive things about their plate lunch, but I can’t remember.

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  1. Yeah I stepped in once several years ago and posted here about it. I mentioned that the gravy was outstanding, which is unusual for me. I’ve since been back a few times, and have enjoyed everything I’ve had.

    Bob’s is one of those places where it helps to know what to order. The burgers are quite good, because they cook them on the grill and they have a nice char, even though there’s too much bread for the meat. Our friend Deren (who graduated the year ahead of us) recommended the mini teri chicken, and it was a solid pick. Good quantity for a mini (three boneless thighs) with a nice char. Not too sugary and not too soy saucy. I ordered it with all tossed salad, though, and I feel like they short you a bit with the amount of greens.

    One of the best things about it is it’s open to 11. Big plus in this neighborhood. They have this thing called hibachi chicken people seem to love but I don’t get it.

    1. Are you referring only to Bob’s in your response? You got my attention with “char”–although I feel like you mentioned that before. I need to give Bob’s another try.

      By the way, here’s the youtube video I mentioned. (This is the first video I’ve seen of this guy. I like him.)

      1. I’ll watch that later.

        I’ve been to Island Style about six times. I’ve been to Bob’s countless.

        The first paragraph is about Island Style. The menu is impressive, and the food is rather carefully prepared. They also offer during the holidays (or maybe all year; it’s been a while since I hung out down there) a whole prime rib to order in advance.

    2. OK, got it. I’m motivated to check out both places now. Is there anything you’d recommend from Island Style BBQ?

    3. We got takeout at Bob’s BBQ in Kalihi. Here some comments:

      The guy in the video mentioned that the the bread-to-meat ratio wasn’t that great, and I agree–too much bread. But the meat was solid. (Also, the taste of bread was solid as well. The patty just needs to match the bun’s circumference.)

      I tried the mini-bbq chicken plate. It was solid. I wish there were a little more char, though.

  2. I got two sandwiches from Prime Roast Cafe in downtown. One was the Philly Cheesesteak and one was the Prime Rib Panini (half both with the wife). I like the Panini more with the toasted bread. The meat is the same on both and is very thinly sliced. But the meat has a very strong Prime Rib taste and it’s really soft. The Panini looks pretty small in terms of meat (ie: flat), but maybe because of the richness of the meat, it’s seem like a lot. The Cheesesteak’s veggies were very good as well, but I didn’t care for the Cheese Wiz type topping and the bread isn’t as good as the toasted Panini. Both are good though. I heard the Prime Rib is delicious, but at $24 for lunch, it better be. I would recommend the sandwiches especially to Reid who is a sandwich guy.

    1. Did I read that this is the old Burgers on Bishop which was the old Burgers and Things? I don’t know where I saw that, if I saw it at all.

  3. They’re opening a Catania in Waimalu Shopping Center, right in the end unit where there have been strip clubs for as long as I can remember — at least going back to our 6th grade year.

    This means four quality Italian restaurants in a very small radius: Palazzo, Ricado’s, Catania, and Paesano. I’m not going to count Bravo, but there’s that too. I can’t think of anywhere in Kalihi to get anything more Italian than spaghetti at Zippy’s. Which I do get sometimes.

      1. The one downtown is super casual like that too, only I don’t think the prices are quite as reasonable as at JP.

  4. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed Lahaina Chicken–I forgot how much I liked that place. I don’t know why, but I’ve never really had a desire to go there, but I remember liking Bear’s. Shoot, if there was a LC on the Leeward side, I’d go there a lot.

    (You were also right about the side options being so-so. They did have mushroom rissotto, which I’ve wanted to see on a plate lunch. I didn’t try it, though.)

  5. Anyone try the pastries at Wallflour? I believe they have a pop-up at ili’ili Cash and Carry, and they sell items at the Ward Farmer’s market on Saturday. Their pastries look good, and I’m on the lookout for good pastries.

    By the way, we tried Mahiai Table, the Foodland restaurant in Kapolei. We got the ahi belly with garlic rice, spicy noodles (sambal-based sauce), cobb salad, and (cheese) pizza. I like the noodles (not so much the sauce) the best I think. Cobb salad would have been good, but the dressing was bland. Portions sizes aren’t so big, either.

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