Suggestions for Killing Time Before Watching NFL Gamepass

As you guys know, I watch all the NFL games via Gamepass. To avoid spoilers, I have to avoid learning anything about the games. I don’t get TV stations, so the TV is not an issue. I do have to avoid some internet sites, and, in general, I would prefer staying off the internet, as I may accidentally learn about the games. Additionally, I’d like to find some activity that occupies my mind, since I do get antsy while I wait for the games to appear on Gamepass.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Some movie or TV show recommendations would be welcomed. I have HBO Max for at least a month, so I’m thinking of watching a TV series or movie on that.

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  1. It’s super difficult recommending things for you, so I’ll just list a few things I enjoyed.

    I’ve had Netflix streaming less than a month and I immediately went for some of the stuff I’ve been missing.

    My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. I love this.

    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I know you’re already familiar with this show. Its first three seasons showed on Crackle, and I loved it so much I watched every episode at least three times. It has since continued on Netflix, but I haven’t gotten to the new episodes yet because I’m starting over from the beginning.

    I still think, even though I don’t think you’ll like it, you should give Cobra Kai a chance. At least a few episodes. The big question is if you’ll like the stuff you like more than you hate the stuff you hate.

    For character development and writing, I still think Orange is the New Black is the best series I’ve seen since MASH. The first two seasons especially.

    Besides those interview shows, the other thing I made a beeline for was the standup specials.

    Ronny Chieng’s Asian Comedian Destroys America!
    Brian Regan’s On the Rocks
    Ricky Gervais’s Humanity (hilarious)

    The one fictional series I’ve seen so far is The Queen’s Gambit, which is excellent.

    The one original film I’ve seen so far is Vivo, an animated film you’ll probably think is just south of okay. The story’s not very original, but Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrical style is so creative and brilliant I still enjoyed it. I like the Miami- and Cuba-influenced color palettes as well. Pinks, purples, teals.

    These are all Netflix. I’ll add some Prime things later.

  2. Man, based on Ronny Chieng clip, I’m going to check out his stand-up. That was pretty funny.

    I heard a lot of rave reviews about The Queen’s Gambit. I watched it based on this. I don’t get it. It was OK, but not much more than that. I’d be interested in hearing you share the things you liked most about it. (I liked one guy’s description of the novel, and I’m sort of interested in reading it because of that.)

    With Cobra Kai, I suspect there will be things I like about it. How long will have to wait to get to those moments–that’s the issue, in addition to if there are more of those moments than the ones I don’t care for.

    I’m going to seriously consider watching Orange is the New Black based on your description.

    I should check out the Letterman interviews. I watched one (with Obama), but for some reason I just wasn’t motivated to watch anymore.

    I think what I’m really looking for is a “binge-able” TV series. My sense is that crime series, watching it unfold to the resolution, are the best candidates for this, while sitcoms are the worst. My sense is that the former has better success at really occupying my attention, while the latter may be interested, but, mentally, I have one foot out the door, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s because I have a harder time suspending disbelief or accepting conditions needed to enjoy a sitcom or even a comedy.

    I think could enjoy a good drama as well, if the characters and story are well-drawn. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing films from the 70s. Speaking of which, I plan to watch HBO’s Perry Mason. I watched the first episode, and I liked what I saw.

    1. I’m in the reading funk right now (at least in terms of reading books). But if I could find a good detective novel, that might get me out this funk. It’s the type of thing that could hold my attention and stop me from thinking about the upcoming games. Any recommendations?

      1. How about investigative journalism instead of detective? If that’ll do, I recommend the first three Fletch books by Gregory MacDonald, if you can find them these days. Fletch, Confess, Fletch, and Fletch’s Fortune really kept me engaged and amused when I read them in tenth or eleventh grade. I’ve been meaning to revisit them to see if they hold up. The first two won Edgar awards, the only time a novel and its sequel won back-to-back Edgars.

    2. Investigative journalism would work. If the Fletch books are done well, that could fit the bill. (I thought you were going to mention non-fiction books or even long-reads. I would have liked that too, especially if it plays like a mystery/detective novel.)

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