6 thoughts on “Last Exit from Autocracy

  1. Apropos for this thread:

    Also, two recent news items:

    Indications that Trump wants to fire the AG and FBI director because they’re not delivering politically damaging information on Biden.

    I believe Trump issued an executive order to remove civil service protections, making it easier to fire federal employees.

    He has strongly signaled he won’t except the election results; he’s made public comments that he wants to hinder the collection of mail-in ballots; he’s inciting and encouraging violence from right wing groups.

    1. In their efforts to be fair and measures, centrists can sometimes be really annoying, especially if they take this approach too far. I don’t think Brendan Nyhan, a Dartmouth political science professor, goes too far per se, but his measured approach, which often involved pushing back against public square Cassandras, could be a little annoying. And that’s the approach he’s been taking for most of the Trump presidency. No longer. Here’s a thread where he starkly warns we’re in a “democratic emergency.”

  2. I just wanted you to know you weren’t alone in reading it. I honestly and truly have nothing to say. I’m already not sleeping well, and haven’t been for weeks.

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