One thought on “Should Movie Music Be Memorable?

  1. The first video goes into why Super hero music is forgettable.

    The second is a response to that:

    Both essays are interesting, but after watching the second I wondered if memorable music is important?

    Also, how do you feel about Adorno’s theory about film music being there for dumb people–that is, people who can’t figure out what’s going on without the music? In some ways, I do think filmmakers use music to “explain”–but they do this visually and verbally as well. The fact that filmmakers (mostly from Hollywood?) use, or misuse, music doesn’t mean music can’t be a meaningful and wonderful aspect of movies. It also doesn’t mean that music can’t be used in a subtle and sophisticated way. If this is rare, that’s probably a reflection of the overall movie industry, then some inherent quality of music in film.

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