2 thoughts on “Covers of Songs You Like

  1. I suspect contemporary musicians appeared on Live at Daryl’s House as a way to introduce themselves to older listeners (or at least that’s one of the reasons), and I think it’s a good strategy. I know I’ve enjoyed artists that I would probably never have heard had I not seen them on the show. Butch Walker is one of many like that. I think he does a good job on this cover of “Say It Isn’t So.”

    The next clip is of Aloe Blaac doing a cover of “Maneater” with Hall. I may not have found it entirely successful, but I appreciate the rather different take they had on it.

    Here’s another cover that may not have totally resonated with me, but I really liked the creative additions. I also enjoyed the improvised outro.

    Maybe not really a really different version from the original, but I really like this:

  2. Aloe Blacc’s pretty cool. This episode aired in 2015, 5 years after his “I Need a Dollar” kind of broke out as the theme song to HBO’s How to Make it In America. I am not physically in a place where I can listen to this now but I will.

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