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  1. I suspect contemporary musicians appeared on Live at Daryl’s House as a way to introduce themselves to older listeners (or at least that’s one of the reasons), and I think it’s a good strategy. I know I’ve enjoyed artists that I would probably never have heard had I not seen them on the show. Butch Walker is one of many like that. I think he does a good job on this cover of “Say It Isn’t So.”

    The next clip is of Aloe Blaac doing a cover of “Maneater” with Hall. I may not have found it entirely successful, but I appreciate the rather different take they had on it.

    Here’s another cover that may not have totally resonated with me, but I really liked the creative additions. I also enjoyed the improvised outro.

    Maybe not really a really different version from the original, but I really like this:

  2. Aloe Blacc’s pretty cool. This episode aired in 2015, 5 years after his “I Need a Dollar” kind of broke out as the theme song to HBO’s How to Make it In America. I am not physically in a place where I can listen to this now but I will.

  3. For some reason (which I can’t remember now), I listened to a song from the Brothers Cazimero’s album 20 Years–Hoku Award Winning Songs–“Ka Beauty a’o Manoa.” It sounded great, but I didn’t know who did the original. The song sounded like it was decades before the album came out, but the album features all the Hoku song winners for the previous 20 years. (The album came out in 1997.) Anyway, I learned that Tony Conjugacion wrote the song in ’86. It’s a good song, but I prefer it with the Cazimero’s little modifications.

    Hearing that song got me to listen to much of the album. I also like their cover of “Manao Pili:”

    This was another song that sounded familiar and old, but it was the 1991 song of the year, written and performed by Diana Aki. This is a really nice song, too. (I believe Aki wrote it many years before she recorded it, but I’m not sure when.)

    I like many other covers on this album, but these are two that stood out for me yesterday.

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