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  1. Bad

    Dicky’s BBQ Pit is competition for one of the worst BBQ I’ve eaten. The brisket was like bland roast beef–no smokey flavor at all, bad texture and taste. The ribs could have been boiled–no char or smoke flavor. I’ve been to several BBQ places that aren’t that great, but the food is still tasty. That is, someone wanting really good BBQ would be disappointed, but the food wouldn’t be bad. The food at Dicky’s is pretty bad in my opinion.


    Not quite bad, but the breakfast I had at Salt and Pepper was pretty disappointing. We had a french toast with brie cheese and apple, biscuits and gravy, and we also tried the latter with fried chicken. I’m too lazy to write about each. They weren’t awful, but they don’t make the restaurant worth visiting in my opinion.


    After trying Mexican food in L.A., I wondered if there was ever going to be a taco that wowed me. Ironically, I recently had some tacos in Hawai’i at Tacqueria El Gallo Rosa in Kailua that put that thought out of my mind. After eating there, I thought this might be the best tacos I’ve had. That doesn’t necessarily mean these tacos would blow people away, but they’re just some of the best tacos I’ve eaten–better than the ones at Serg’s. This is especially true for their carnitas and vegetarian (with poblano, corn, cream sauce and cotija cheese). Their carne asada was just OK. Their fried fish was pretty good, but the fish pieces are too small, getting ovewhelmed by the sauce. We also tried their corn “ribs”–basically Mexican street corn. That was solid. Finally, I like their habernero sauce and some of their other hot sauces.

    The price is not really cheap ($3-$5) per taco, and that would make it harder to go hear regularly, but if I’m really craving a good carnitas, I’d drive to get these. Also, the fact that I enjoyed these tacos as much as I did strongly suggests that there are still tacos out there that will really blow me away.

    (In Hawai’i, the only other taco that was on par was the fried fish tacos at Cocina, but that was only a special.)

  2. Daley

    I was a little disappointed by this–although the quantity wasn’t the problem. I didn’t really care for the sauce and also the cheese. I think if I had this without the sauce, and maybe as deluxe without cheese, I might have liked this a lot more.

    I liked the crinkle cut fries, and the soft serve shake flavor of the day was white chocolate orange. It was on the sweet side, but it was pretty good. (I only had a few bites, though.)

    I probably wouldn’t go back here again.

    Encore Saloon

    I tried two tacos–baja fish and carnitas. I wanted a comparison to the tacos at Tacqueria El Gallo Rosa. There were $3.50 and $2.70(?), respectively, but they were kinda small–I think a little smaller than at Gallo Rosa. They weren’t that good, too.

    Popeye’s chicken sandwich

    It was better than a lot of fast food chicken sandwiches, but not worth waiting for in a long line.

    1. We were at Daley’s. I didn’t want to get too much food. Next time, I’ll try the nachos. I saw the order on another table, and it looked good.

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