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  2. Patriots-Giants

    I watched most of the first half. I think Daniel Jones threw a second pick, and then I just stopped. The Giants also had a blocked punt. I’m not sure how the Patriots performed in the second half, but both Brady and the offense didn’t look very good.

    My sense is that the gap between them and a handful of other teams is not not as wide as it may seem.

  3. Panthers-Buccaneers

    Story of this game: The Panthers are shutting down the Buccaneers runing game, and when the Bucs pass, the Panthers are getting really good pressure, even with four pass rushers. This has lead to turnovers (three so far–I’m watching the 3rd quarter). Two INTs weren’t totally Winston’s fault, but the 3rd one was. I stopped watching after that.


    Almost a throwback game–two teams grounding and pounding. The difference? With the exception of the Rams first drive, the Rams couldn’t run the ball, and the Niners pass rush overwhelmed the Rams OL, getting a lot of pressure on Goff–who had no chance. Meanwhile, the 49ers ran the ball better (Jimmy G doesn’t hasn’t look very good in my opinion.)


    On the opening kickoff, the Browns get a 60(?) yard return while leads to a quick TD. The Browns offense move the ball well for the next couple of drives and get up 20-3.

    I was worried about the Seahawks, as they were down two starters, but their offense played well. The defense settled down and the offense kept rolling. (Seahawks blocked a punt, too.)

    I learned, after the game, that Wil Dissly sustained a serious injury–he might be out for the year, which totally sucks.

    Also, I think the Browns turned the ball over five times. The Seahawks defense still had to make plays to secure the turnovers, but the Browns offense is really off–with a lot of inaccurate throws and dropped balls. I’m not sure if they’re just out of sync or if they’re out of sync because they’re not disciplined enough.


    The Vikings defense is good, but not much more than that. They seemed to struggle to stop the Eagles at times. I think they’re missing a CB or safety to be really good or great. The Vikings OL looks brittle, but for such a line, they can run suprisingly well at times.


    I don’t know if the Jets are pretty good, or the Cowboys didn’t play so great, especially regarding the Jets offense and the Cowboys defense. I thought the Cowboys would (should) have gotten more pressure on Darnold. (Was anyone hurt?)

    What happened to Cooper?

    By the way, the Cowboys ran the ball better in the second half, but in general their run blocking isn’t that great–not compared to the past. Of course, Tyron Smith didn’t play, and I’m not sure if they had other injuries.


    The Saints might have the best defense and special teams in the league.

  4. Chiefs, Texans:
    Mahommes, again, didn’t look like the best QB in the league in this one. He still made great plays at times, but without guys open (I’m assuming.), he seem to just fling the ball all over the place. Not interceptable balls per se, but balls no one could catch. On the other hand, Watson showed me a different side in this game. As far as I can remember, whenever I watch Watson, he just makes a good play with his feet or a good long throw (or normally just throw it out there for his guy to get). But in this game, Watson played good parts in the pocket, getting rid of the ball fairly quickly, and was able to hit the short to medium guy pretty consistently. I didn’t watch the entire game though, so maybe I missed the parts where Mahommes was great and Watson wasn’t.

    1. I didn’t watch the entire game though, so maybe I missed the parts where Mahommes was great and Watson wasn’t.

      You’re summary is pretty accurate. At least that’s my impression.

      1. But I didn’t think you thought of Watson the way I did, in that he was mostly productive in broken plays and long passes in the past.

        1. Oh yeah, I didn’t really agree with that part. My sense is that Watson is pretty solid from the pocket, not just improvising or making deep throws.

          1. So would you put him equal to Wilson in terms of passing from the pocket? Unless you think Wilson is a great pocket passer, and Watson just good.

            I would have someone like Wilson good and Watson as average. If great was a Brady or Brees, for example.

          2. I would have someone like Wilson good and Watson as average. If great was a Brady or Brees, for example.

            This sounds basically right to me. I think Watson doesn’t really exhibit a lot of pocket skills, particularly stepping up or sliding the pocket. I notice more of that with Wilson. However, throughout Wilson’s career, I think he’s had less consistent pass pro, over long stretches to really show this. So it’s hard to say. Wilson is not a QB who seems to be able to wait until the last minute and then throw the ball right before a wall of lineman trash compact him (in the way Rivers and Ryan seem to be able to do).

  5. Reid,

    The Viking’s offense supposedly has changed to a more passing one that started the season. This has made Cousins into a more productive player. Do you think the offense changed or they pretty much look the same, just Cousins is playing better?

    1. No the offense hasn’t changed in my opinion. They were utilizing a lot of play action yesterday, but that’s a key part of their offense.

      Cousins played better in the sense that he didn’t turn the ball over. Putting ball security aside, Cousins’s passing isn’t the problem. The problem, in my view, is the OL. They are very brittle. I don’t know how they can run well as they do or even pass. (On one or two possessions, the Cox, or someone was totally dominating the RG.) They have a barely serviceable OL if you ask me.

      1. So not passing more on first down you think? Something changed because Cousins and his receivers are infinitely more productive the last two games. And seemingly right after Thielen and Diggs complained.

    2. The games are a blur now, but for the first couple of games, I think the Vikings were dominating in the run. Think of the recent 49er games–they were running so well, they didn’t have to pass much (and it really seemed like they didn’t). Versus the Bears, the Vikings offense was completely overwhelmed in my opinion. I think it might have been worse had they tried to pass more. Against the Eagles, they might have passed more because the Eagles secondary was vulnerable. Diggs could have had at least another deep completion if Cousins didn’t overthrow him. Also, at some point, it seemed like the Eagles were gearing up to stop the run. (You could see a mass of bodies pile up on stretch play action plays.) The Giants aren’t very good in general.

      And that leads to my next point. If the Vikings run well, their entire offense, including the passing game, will be productive. If their run game is dominant their passing numbers may not be so big (same with the Seahawks and the 49ers). Whether their offense works or not may depend more on the quality of their opponent. If the opponent is shutting down their run game, I predict their offense would struggle mightily–I’m skeptical passing more is going to be an effective solution.

      If they dramatically changed their offense, I don’t really see it.

  6. As of this moment (without the Packers and Lions having yet played), every team in the NFC North has a winning record and a positive point differential.

    The Patriots have an ungodly +142 point differential (that’s 23+ points per game!). Second in the NFL? The 49ers at +83.

  7. I haven’t watched the Lions-Packers game, yet, but I wanted to say that the Lions might have the most underrated skill position group in the NFL–Marvin Jones, Kenny Gollyday, TJ Hockenson, and Kerryon Johnson. None of them are in the top 3 at their position (Well, maybe Gollyday), but they’re all really good in my opinion. The OL is the question mark. They not much more, or a little less than serviceable. If they perform well, Lions could be a contender.

  8. Lions-Packers

    If you take away the turnovers, and giving up a few explosive plays, I think the Packers were the better team. The Lions couldn’t generate much of a pass rush, as well. Also, this might have been the best I’ve seen the Packers run from a shotgun formation (since Rodgers has been there–or at least in a long time).

    Lions defense are missing a few pieces. (I think they overpaid for Flowers.)

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