Reducing Homelessness

This is a thread for articles, comments, and discussion about reducing, eliminating, homelessness. Here’s the first article:

Can Houston’s model work for chronic homelessness, in the city and beyond?— CityLab (@CityLab) February 7, 2019


  1. In Houston, they claimed to have found housing for every homeless veteran. A key part of achieving this was streamlining the process to get these individuals into permanent housing. Having an individual to shepherd the individual through the process seemed critical as well.
  2. Observation: The article gave the impression that the availability of permanent housing was not a big issue. The housing is available–it’s just securing resources to help these people go through the process as well as expediting the process.
  3. VA funding, plus HUD, funding made this possible. The lack of funds for non-veterans seems like a major limitation for addressing non-veteran homeless population.
  4. We should remember that there might be bigger problems–the actual causes for homelessness. That is, homelessness is a symptom to other problems (e.g., drug abuse, poor life decisions, poverty, etc.)

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