2019 NFL Hall of Fame Class

The Pro Football Hall of Fame selection meeting has concluded. Longest discussions for the modern-era finalists were held on Ty Law (27:16), Tony Boselli (26:10), Kevin Mawae (24:52), Don Coryell (22:37) and Tom Flores (18:54). The shortest was Ed Reed (2:20).— Matt Maiocco (@MaioccoNBCS) February 2, 2019

BREAKING: Eight “Heroes of the Game” have been elected to the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2019. #PFHOF19 pic.twitter.com/uD2FLRJoKa— Pro Football Hall of Fame (@ProFootballHOF) February 2, 2019

2 thoughts on “2019 NFL Hall of Fame Class

  1. I always thought Champ Bailey was more hype than game. I’m mildly surprised he got in. Tony Gonzalez and Ed Reed are no-brainers. I’m disappointed (but not surprised) Tom Flores didn’t get in. Ty Law was great, but wasn’t it a typical shut-down corner career? A few amazing seasons and that’s it? I could be remembering it wrong.

    And yay for Kevin Mawae.

    The only finalist I thought got truly hosed is Tony Boselli. After Gonzalez and Reed, he’s the one I would have been least surprised to see inducted.

  2. I think I know what you mean about Champ Bailey, but I think the latter part of his career may obscure how good he was in his prime–and he played well after his prime in my opinion. A part of me feels like he was better than Ty Law, but that’s basically a guess.

    How long did Boselli play? Didn’t he get hurt and kinda go downhill pretty significantly, or am I mixing him up with someone else? In any event, I have no clue about which O-linemen deserve to make it.

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