Gun Control and Gun Violence

Repository for links to information about gun control and gun violence.

Edit (2/19/2018)

To be read later:

Op-ed from Bloomberg News Nothing in the Constitution Prevents Sensible Gun Rules

Edit (2/21/2018)

This is really good thread on the loopholes that exist in gun laws.

This is also really good as well:

Edit (2/22/2018)

The following tweet is partly speculative, but the speculation seems reasonable in my opinion.

From The Atlantic, What I Saw Treating the Victims from Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns. The author is a radiologist who shares the difference between wounds from an AR-15 on other guns. The difference is dramatic and horrific. One of the big takeaways: AR-15 wounds are way more lethal that wounds from handguns–you’re chances of survival are far less with the former, which seems like a good reason to ban or highly regulate the weapon.

Edit (2/27/2018)

This article, if accurate, provides plausible reasons why the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students have been so articulate and even savvy when speaking to the media. The tragedy of the shooting aside, I’d be incredibly proud if I were Mr. Foster.

Edit (2/28/2018)

This seems crazy, and I think it’s a big deal especially after reading the following article:

One takeaway: Florida will be the first to adopt a pro-gun law, and other states will follow.


I didn’t read the Atlantic article, but this is an interesting analysis.


7 thoughts on “Gun Control and Gun Violence

    1. Just seeing this now for some reason. I’m sorry, but this is not it almost happening again. This is it happening again.

      1. You mean, that specific incident, or more generally what’s been happening since? Or do you mean, the boy shooting himself should count as “happening again,” (even if it may not have involved other students)? I would agree that the suicide, by itself, is tragic; we should be disturbed, and try to prevent it just as much as mass shootings.

      2. The boy shooting himself is a gun in the hands of a student on school grounds resulting in the death of a child. This it it happening again.

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