Best Movies of the 2010s

Much of my interest and enthusiasm for movies has waned significantly (and I never thought I’d get to this point). But I am interested in seeing some of the best movies of the decade, especially those that compare favorably to all-time great movies prior to the decade. I’m going to use Film Comment’s top 50 as a guide. If you guys know of any other good lists, or have any strong, personal recommendations, let me know.

MLB Scandal–Stealing Signs

I’m assuming you guys have been following this story much more than I have. My vague understanding is that the Astros were filming opponents and figuring out the signals, and then possibly using a buzzer type of device that hitters would have on their body to tell them what pitches to expect. Is this accurate?

Off the top of my head, I’m OK with players (at second base) trying to steal signals from the catcher and then trying to alert the batter. My rationale is that it requires skill to detect this and convey the info. Additionally, it requires skill of the catcher to make sure their not tipping the pitches. It’s similar to pitchers being aware of things their doing to tip their pitches. It also seems similar to football defensive players reading body language, etc. to figure out a play before it happens.

But the buzzer and the video seem to cross a line–particularly the former. What do you guys think?