Your Opinions and Perceptions–What Has Changed and What Has Stayed the Same?

If you’re like me, you have experienced what I’m about to describe. At some point starting in my mid-30s, I started becoming aware of strongly-held ideas in my 20s didn’t have much merit. In these moments, not only did I realize I was wrong, but I would sometimes feel foolish, especially when I recalled the ideas I passionately held and argued for. In many instances, I held these ideas because of ignorance and lack of experience. Once I acquired more of both, I realized that those ideas didn’t have much merit.

At the same time, there have been other opinions that seemed to have stood the test of time; or I at least haven’t gotten to the point where I realize these opinions also don’t have merit; it wouldn’t surprise me if, after more knowledge and experience, I realize these opinions also are pretty worthless. In this thread, I’m interested in hearing examples of both, for those willing to share. I’ll try to give some examples of both soon.

5Qs: Leadership in Hawai’i

1. To what degree, do you care about having good leaders in Hawai’i?
2. Do you think there is a high demand for good leaders in Hawai’i?
3. In what ways can citizens express the desire for good leaders?
4. What venues are available to citizens to support good leaders?
5. How would you rate the quality of leadership in Hawai’i (1-10 scale)?

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

Mitchell, can you post your modified list of the albums you think are most essential (culled from the 1001 book). I believe you had two tiers. Also, if you want to change the list from the one you posted before, or add ones that are not in the book, that would be fine with me.

What Would Get You to Consume More Local News?

I had a conversation with a local journalist recently, and during the conversation I brought up that I didn’t really consume a lot of local news, explaining that I didn’t really care for like the coverage. The journalist asked me what I’d like from the coverage, what things would get me to consume local news. This is a thread to brainstorm and discuss some of those ideas. Here’s some ideas, off the top of my head, to kick things off: Continue reading “What Would Get You to Consume More Local News?”

Great Athletes Who Spent Their Careers on Terrible Teams

With Joe Thomas’s retirement a question popped into my head: Who are the other great athletes that spent their entire careers on bad teams? There are good players playing on bad teams, but I’d especially like to hear about really great players on really bad teams. For example, I wouldn’t count Charles Barkley, because he never really played on a bad team. Same with Bernard King.

One that comes to mind is Mitch Richmond, although he didn’t play his entire career on a bad team (but his good years were wasted in Sacramento). Archie Manning and maybe Bert Jones are others.

Re-examining the Music of Our Youth

What music from your youth do you still listen to now? Of this music, which ones do you listen to primarily for nostalgic reasons? Which ones seem like they’ve stood the test of time–i.e, you feel like the music is actually good in some “objective” way?